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Lorenzo Lorenzo Lorenzo - A Short Bio


Lorenzo Gigliotti - Photo courtesy of BandImage Thank you for taking a minute to read this bio.

I started playing guitar when I was seven years old, started my first band when I was around 11 and played in bands continuously for over 20 years.

In the1980s I regularly performed in many LA-area venues -- the Los Angeles music scene of the 1980s was a hot place to see new bands and hear new music. My band was called "Jupiter" and we were promoting our album titled "Multiple Choice" (now quite collectible). Later I co-founded "Max West" and released our 45 rpm EP "Rich and Famous" (It too is extremely collectible). The LA music scene lasted for about 5 or 6 years but eventually the musical landscape started changing again... I stopped playing in bands in 1986 and I began some other projects.

I am performing music with a slightly different sound -- a bit lighter. I perform solo or in conjunction with my collaborator Jay Perris on the same stage -- taking turns playing our very different music styles -- his genre is blues whereas mine is an eclectic variety (pop, folk, acoustic-rock, world-music). Our contrasting styles and our presentation is interesting, entertaining and simply just fun -- audience response has been very, very positive.

We've also resurected Jupiter as Jupiter 2.0 and we perform our original catalog as well as a growing set of new material. Jupiter 2.0's latest album "Destiny, Free-Will & Chaos" was released in 2016 and has been well-received. Solo, or as half of Jupiter 2.0 I stay busy. Click here for more info on Jupiter 2.0

In the past we played mid-sized venues like; The Troubadour, Gazzari's, Club 88, The Cuckoos Nest, etc -- Today we are playing small and mid-sized venues like, Di Piazza's Lava Lounge, Rebel Bite, The San Pedro ArtWalk, Long Beach's CALB Gallery in Shoreline Village, 4th Street Vine, Viento y Agua, Bogart's in Seal Beach, LA's Coagula Curatorial Gallery, South Bay Contemporary / Zask Gallery, The Long Beach Promenade and other area venues. We've also appeared on Judy Baker's "Jammin' Live" webcast and we did a one hour interview with Jody Timmerman for KBeach's "Rebirth of Rock" radio program (See videos below).


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Performing Solo

Lorenzo Gigliotti, San Pedro Art Gallery Walk - September 2014

Lorenzo - Lorenzo Gigliotti

Video Samples




Lorenzo Gigliotti - Street Tango sample - September 2014


2015 Movie Project???

Selected Songs - Written and Performed by Lorenzo



1. The Waiting is Over*  (with “Max West” band – Vocals & guitars Lorenzo Gigliotti )
2. Satisfaction  
(with “Max West” band – Vocals & guitars Lorenzo Gigliotti )
3. The Sound  
(with “Max West” band – Vocals & guitars Lorenzo Gigliotti )
4. Friends  
(with “Max West” band – Vocals & guitars Lorenzo Gigliotti )
5. It's Always Sunny in Long Beach
(AKA “The Long Beach Song”  (Vocals & guitars Lorenzo Gigliotti )



1. Rock & Roll is Here to Stay*  (with “Jupiter” band – Vocals & guitars Lorenzo Gigliotti )
2. Call of the Wild  
(with “Jupiter” band – Vocals & guitars Lorenzo Gigliotti )
3. Megalomania  
(with “Jupiter” band – Vocals & guitars Lorenzo Gigliotti )
4. And You Know  
(with “Jupiter” band – Vocals & guitars Lorenzo Gigliotti )
5. Visions
(with “Jupiter” band – Vocals & guitars Lorenzo Gigliotti)

Download JUPITER 2.0's Latest Album
"Destiny, Free-Will & Chaos"(Digital 2016)
JUPITER 2.0 - Destiny, Free-Will & Chaos CD - Long Beach, California
JUPITER 2.0 - Destiny, Free-Will & Chaos CD



A Little of Lorenzo's Band History (Past-Present):

  • Jupiter 2.0 (Present band)
  • Max West (band)
  • Jupiter Story - The Band that Killed Disco


    Also please feel free to “Google me” – use quotes – note I am not the fire chief nor am I the Italian director who both share the same name!


    Also Check out my Music Jamboree Co-conspirator Jay Perris!


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